Thursday, 18 December 2014

Feeling Festive

Christmas window with tree made of knitting balls

Are you feeling festive? I'm starting to, although I still feel it's a little early when I see the decorations going up at the beginning of December, by now I've warmed up and am looking forward to it all. I just needed to shake off that cynical feel I get when viewing the aggressive show put on by the supermarkets. 

It really helps when you've got some great local traders who pull out all the stops to do something creative and unique. Every year in St Ives the shopkeepers take part in a window dressing competition (which I'm sure they all take very seriously behind the scenes). A recent trip into town by train without small ones in tow meant I had enough time to browse, take photos and even do some hand holding with someone who didn't have a snotty nose!

This fab tree in the Seasalt shop is one of my favourite places to buy good quality clothes with a coastal feel. I'd been buying their coats for years before I realised they're also organic.

St Ives poster print

There were a huge variety of window dressing styles, from the contemporary....

To the more traditional complete with its own choir!

Join in if you know the words to this children's song which normally features a scarecrow.

Not sure if they had snow in Bethlehem at the time but it looks good here anyway. 

I've tried to recreate this look back at home, sadly minus the lovely grey shutters. 

 This was such a great display outside a greengrocers and made me green with basket envy!

The small fisherman's cottages were decorated too.

 Maybe he's waiting for Father Christmas? 

Hope you all have a very relaxing, enjoyable holiday!

Antonia x


  1. The shops in St Ives look so festive and so different from the summer! Sarah x

    1. Yes it has a different feel in winter, less hustle and bustle more peaceful. You really get a chance to appreciate the lovely old buildings, quirky shops and beautiful harbour. I met up with Leanne from Today's Stuff in St Ives and we had a great time stomping around town. Do you visit Cornwall much? x