Saturday, 8 November 2014


How are you all, good I hope? It's been a while partly because we've been out and about so much revelling in the mild weather, and also because my phone lost all my recent pictures. Oh well hey ho, maybe its time to finally move to a smart phone! 

These are some autumnal images that I managed to save from a sunny day. I love being close to water and luckily in south Cornwall there are lots of creeks, rivers and inlets as well as miles and miles of coast.

Aren't these branches great? These sessile oak trees are smaller and more twisty than the traditional English oak and look great when their leaves start to fall. They are more common in Cornwall and create a beautiful landscape. Oak trees also support more wildlife than any other native tree. 

Low sun, calm waters, it's getting chillier. Time to wrap up and head for home. Have a great week!