Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Happy times

Isn't this a beautiful place? We stopped off in Gweek on the way home, it was early evening and the sun was dipping low behind the wooded hills. The tide was high and we enjoyed a cloudless sky with not even a breeze to make the water ripple.

This a working boat yard, but all was quiet as everyone had downed tools and was relaxing. We watched as a pair of swans drifted passed, pausing by the boats hoping someone might throw them some scraps from supper. 

Gweek is a small village on one of tributaries of the stunning Helford River with a pub, shop/ post office and a boat yard. It's been a port since Roman times and in the past has seen hundreds of small boats sailing up and down the creeks with cargos of oysters, copper ore, pilchards and limestone. It's also home to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary where they look after and rehabilitate sick, injured and stranded seals. 

Well could you resist? Sid's Fish and Chips has been visiting Gweek for years, he knows all the regulars and it only takes one visit for him to recognise you again. After working up an appetite on the rope swing, we took our take away and sat down on the bench overlooking the river. 

There followed the sound of happy munching and the relief of no washing up!