Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Last hurrah

I thought I'd share a picture of these beauties, there is a whole field of sunflowers nearby that just shouts 'summer' and looked fantastic in the early evening sunlight. You can definitely feel a nip in the air, especially in the mornings but just when I start thinking about packing away my summer clothes the afternoon brings bright sunshine and warmth.

September is traditionally the month when Cornwall relaxes, the visitors head home and as soon as school starts you can almost guarantee the weather will be dry and sunny! This is when I really appreciate just how lucky we are to live here, as we're able to head for the beach after school and enjoy having lots of space without tripping over someone else's bucket and spade.

This summer has been a real knock-out, the first proper one since we moved here over four years ago. I know it's what will keep me going in the winter when the mizzle descends. Until then I just want to enjoy its last hurrah for as long as possible!