Sunday, 2 February 2014

Totally tropical

Today the sun shone, and after casting dubious looks at the sky and packing our wet weather gear just in case we headed off to a beautiful sub-tropical garden. Trebah Garden is nestled in a valley by the Helford river and enjoys its own sheltered micro-climate. Although we get a lot of rain here in the South West, we rarely experience frost so tropical plants and trees thrive here. 

I've recently started taking an interest in gardening, inspired by my fellow bloggers and so it's great to visit somewhere that has a similar soil and climate to see what grows well. I've spotted quite few of these plants happily growing in gardens near me, but I couldn't confidently tell you what they're called!

However, I have learned to spot Hellebores and was delighted to see one of the first signs of Spring together with snowdrops and primroses shyly poking through. 

We rampaged through a fortified playground, and took turns on the fastest zip wire ever. We weaved through bamboo groves, past 150 year old giant trees and down through shaded groves.  

Until at the bottom of the valley we stepped out onto the garden's very own private beach. 

My husband was feeling brave and donned a wetsuit for a quick dip, but we thought the water was a bit too chilly for anything more than a quick paddle and a race back for hot chocolates!


  1. Hey Antonia,

    I've finally hopped over to your blog to say hello! I love Trebah. It looks lovely there on the day you visited. We are going to Eden this weekend. For ice skating and a stomp through the biomes.

    Leanne xx

  2. Thanks for popping by Leanne,I think Eden could be a good choice although I hope the roads aren't too hairy. We had a power cut the other day, but actually quite enjoyed the candles and lack of technology! Stay safe x