Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy new year!

Cornwall is the land of rainbows

This winter has been a season of real contrasts - ferocious storms one day and then glorious sun the next. 

We've been very lucky to escape any major flooding or storm damage where we live, I know some haven't been as fortunate.

 I hope everyone now has a more peaceful start to 2014.


  1. Lovely photos on a dramatic day. Glad you all stayed dry xx happy New Year x

  2. How lovely to have discovered your blog through Curlew Country! Great waves in your part of the world. I am in Scotland near the beaches of the east coast. If you would like to visit therunningwave you will see some of our waves too! Happy New Year. A

    1. Lucky you to live somewhere so lovely as well! I'll pop over to your blog too :-)

  3. Hello Antonia and 'Happy New Year!'

    ...sorry it's a little late.

    Nina x