Sunday, 2 March 2014


Recently we headed over to the Towans, a huge set of dunes near Hayle. Tewyn means sand dune in Cornish. The dunes boarder one of the most lovely beaches in Cornwall, Gwithian which is popular with surfers, boogie boarders, swimmers and rock-poolers. Luckily, with miles of sand there is plenty of room for everyone. If you look closely, you can just see Godrevy lighthouse in the distance. 

The dunes are quite high, and it's a fair slog to the top but totally worth it as the views are amazing. We met up with some friends who live nearby, who fortunately brought hot drinks with them when we needed to rest and refuel. 

There are lots of different size of dunes, but this is one of our favourites. 

It's incredibly steep, and the scale is impressive. This probably only shows half of it! We had a great time running down and then huffing and puffing our way back up to the top. It was the most fun we'd had in ages, with the added bonus of being a great way to get in some free exercise.


  1. I have just discovered your lovely blog and enjoyed the walk over the dunes with you. The dunes and beach and cafes at Gwithian are amongst our favourite locations. We shall be visiting Cornwall in the summer and will try and remember your recommendation of the potager garden. Sarah x

  2. There are so many 'hidden gems' in this part of south Cornwall, places that aren't on the tourist maps. I hope you have a lovely holiday and have a great time exploring. Antonia x

  3. Hi! I`m new at blogging and I`m looking forward to meet other people so I`m stopping by to say hello!
    We have been to Cornwall once and we love it so much! We will definitely go again...

  4. Hi Debbie, thanks for dropping by. I'm relatively new to blogging as well, but have followed some lovely people for a few years now so thought it would be a good time to dip my toe in the water. I'm sure you'll really enjoy it as well. Antonia x