Saturday, 15 June 2013

Summer fair

Today the sun shone and we all headed off to a traditional country fair in Mawgan. The fair is part of Feast Week, where everyday for a week this small Cornish community pulls out all the stops and puts on a variety of different events and entertainments. 

There was a bouncy castle, face painting, hook a duck, coconut shy, hoopla and the slightly bizarre 'bowl for a chicken' which was hotly contested by some local professionals. We had a go on most things, strolled around the car boot sale, bought a raffle ticket (and won a book on the local 'Pirates' rugby team), ate pasties and devoured cream teas. I even got to ride a beautiful Shire horse.

We got our beloved Morris Minor car into the vintage section, it's there on the left next to the rather stylish Lee Francis.

Finally, the day was made complete with a tub of famous Roskilly's ice cream - delicious!


  1. Looks a fab day and look at the weather. Am madly jealous of your beautiful car xx

    1. The Morris is great - but we only get her out in the summer and with the top down you're guaranteed a bad hair day! Poop Poop

  2. I really 'really' want a moggy minor, but hubby keeps putting me off! I will get my day - yours does look super lovely.

    Nina x

  3. I'm sure you'll get yours one day - this is the same one my husband used to ride in when he was a boy. Every winter we wonder if we should sell it, and every summer we realise we can't bear to part!

    Antonia x